Some issues run deeper than what can be addressed in the course of a parenting consultation. We believe psychotherapy can often be a powerful and effective way of responding to this level of concern. Whether the goal is resolving a problem, promoting self-care, tending to the the well being of a relationship or simply establishing a private, reflective space – a good experience in psychotherapy can be invaluable.

The key to creating that good experience often begins with finding a therapist whose approach, style and presence feel like a good fit with your own. Of course this is a highly personal and subjective endeavor; and we believe strongly in the importance of the process. So, if you are considering therapy for yourself, as a couple or for your child, we encourage you to contact us with your questions, hopes and/or concerns before setting up an initial session. 

Appointments & Information

Where: Adult individual, couples and family psychotherapy sessions take place in our San Francisco office or by Zoom.

How long: Individual psychotherapy sessions are 1 hour in length; couples sessions may be 1 or 1.5 hours in length.

Fees: Fees for therapy services are $300 per hour.

How to begin: For questions or to arrange an appointment, send us an email.